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Best Dry and Damaged Hair Shampoo and Conditioner 2018/2019

Dry and Chemically Treated Hair

Is your Hair stressed from all the chemical treatments?Is it generally dry and in need of nourishment and hydration?We have the Perfect solution.

La Saponaria sweet sunflower and sweet orange shampoo 

This Organic shampoo  is enriched with flaxseeds for dry and chemically treated hair.
A concentrate of natural ingredients to restore the moisture and shine to dry and chemically treated hair. It is Free of petrochemical ingredients, and contains organic extracts of flaxseed, moringa and sunflower seeds. which evoke the scents of Sicily and nature.

Organic Conditioner with Moringa & Sunflower – Curly and Frizzy Hair

The conditioner is Nourishing and restructuring  with Moringa and Sunflower. This conditioner is dedicated to damaged and stressed hair. It embodies the esssence of nature and provides intense hydration and repair. It does not contain petrochemical ingredients, just natural extracts.

It caters even to the most rebellious and frizzy hair! It is a light cream, perfect for softening and untangling the hair, completely without silicones!

Its soft consistency allows an easy application, not greasy and leaves an irresistible fruity aroma on the hair. The vegan recipe contains:

  • Shea butter , moringa extract (also called miraculous plant) and linseed: nourishing and restructuring effect
  •  Fruit oligosaccharides: form a protective and anti-stress film giving hair softness, vitality and shine
  • Essential oils of geranium and lavender

The product does the following

  • taming curly hair
  • combats frizz
  • creates shine and defines the shape of curls.

You will be pleased to know that none of these shampoos contain Quaternary Salts!

What is Quaternary Salts you may ask?

As you know when you first buy a shampoo and conditioner at first it can feel great.After a while the hair starts becoming stressed,dry,thinning and several other stressed conditions may occur on the scalp.The  wow effect is usually temporary because (QUATS) Quaternary ammonium compounds  are the  most frequently used  hair conditioning agents in most hair care products. It is popular ,based on the lubricity they provide and  the conditioning benefits they offer in terms of detangling, and feel.However in the long run none of these Quaternary Salts are good for the hair since these are not naturally conditioning.

Then we have trends example the Argan Oil trend came and went.Much of these products were commercialized to the point with conditioning agents that you dont get to experience the full Argan Oil treatment.The quality of any brand depends on the purest form of the ingrediant which is what women should be looking out for and not the diluted Marketing version for half the price.

These shampoos being an Eco-Organic Cosmetic Hair brand can provide so much more benefits for your hair in the long run.Using high quality Natural hair care products can get you healthy and beautiful looking hair in no time!

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