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Best Dry Curly/Frizzy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner 2018/2019

Curly Hair/Frizz and Frequent Washing

Introducing La Saponaria Extra Virgin Shampoo

Do you want bouncy curls but need help in taming that frizz? We have just the thing for curly hair and Frizz

A Complete treatment ideal for curly hair. It counteracts frizz and is great for maintaining healthy tips! An Organic fragrance free shampoo with flaxseeds developed even for frequent washing. It is delicate and effective even for the most  sensitive hair. This shampoo is chemical-free and rich in natural ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, flaxseeds oil and Moringa extract.

and a leave-in conditioner from Moringa & Lino

This Leave-in restructuring treatment  tames the wildest hair and makes it shine. It helps extricate your hair and leaves it soft, detangled and with an overwhelming scent: you won’t stop smelling your hair!

The leave in  Restructuring treatment balm is a restructuring treatment without rinsing .It protects the hair and gives splendor and softness even to the most rebellious and frizzy hair! It is a light cream, perfect for softening and untangling the hair, completely without silicones!

Its soft consistency allows an easy application, not greasy and leaves an irresistible fruity aroma on the hair. The vegan recipe contains:

  • Shea butter , moringa extract (also called miraculous plant) and linseed: nourishing and restructuring effect
  • Fruit oligosaccharides: form a protective and anti-stress film giving hair softness, vitality and shine
  • Essential oils of geranium and lavender

The product  tames curly hair, combats frizz,  and defines the shape of curls and keeps the hair shiny

Visit Pozie Hair Care to purchase yours today!

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