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Best Organic Skincare Brands 2021|Find the right skin type for you

Best Skincare for your skin Type

Find the best organic skincare brands from Pozie.Looking for great looking skin? Try our new skincare range for all skin types.

Are you looking for skincare that is protective against signs of ageing?Are you looking for a more toned skin? Are you looking for a more glowing young delicate skin?
You have come to the right place.A product brand to suit all your needs!

Pozie South Africa are the proud Distributors of several lines of  italian Eco organic certified skincare lines.Italy has not only been the centre of fashion, but also some of the best skin care products,have come out of Italy.European Consumers and The Pozie Team has tested and rated these products to ensure our customers are getting the best cosmetics for their skin.All the latest lines that have been just launched in Italy are now available now to our South African consumers.We are very excited to share these wonderful 5 star rated products with our customers.

Biofficina Toscana a line of certified eco-friendly organic skincare which join innovation and craftsmanship with nature and science.

The Biofficina Toscana cosmetics are made with latest-generation patented active ingredients and extracts.These guarantee efficiency and superior performance levels for quality eco-friendly organic cosmetics!Continuous research is being conducted in the conception of patented active ingredients.Made with the finest Tuscan organic ingredients such as Uviox® .Uviox is made from the skins of Chianti grapes. Oleox® comes from vegetation waters from the hills around Siena. The exclusive Rubiox® which are obtained from a blend of organic red berries from the hills around Lucca and Setol®.These are made from a blend of Tuscan organic oils. Research is concurrently conducted into the search for special local organic extracts such as the extract of helichrysum from Elba island.

The Biofficina Toscana brand prides themselves on developing cosmetics that are both ethical and have a low environmental impact; in the world of organic eco-friendly cosmetics .Even more reason to support a wonderful brand as this!

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