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Best Shaving Cream and Gel Brands 2021 reviewed by Customers

Best Shaving Cream and Gel Brands 2020 reviewed by Customers

Best Shaving Cream and Gel Brands 2021 reviewed by Customers

Want to know the Best shaving creams and gel brands that men are loving at the moment ?

I am sure you guys debate of whether to go with shaving gel vs shaving cream?So which one?

The Pozie Team tracked down some of the best rated  products in the market for  men so you guys can get your hands on these.Some  men have no skin shaving problems ,while others have to face many.

From skin irritation to bumps to ingrown hairs and so much more.Did you know some of the main causes of shaving problems are blunt razors and dirty face towels which leads to acne.Having acne can be difficult to shave over.Too dry of a skin can also lead to ingrown hairs.While sensitive skin you just have to blame it on poor old genetics.You may think razor bumps are natural but in fact is  a skin condition known as Pseudofolliculitis barbaeor PFB — a persistent irritation that happens from excessive shaving.Whatever your concern is we have  new products to help combat most of these issues experienced by men.What a delight that these products are organic cosmetics too!

Mens Shaving Gel

Mens Shaving Gel

Looking for a shaving Gel that soothes irritation?

This shaving gel by Bio-Officina is  a gentle shaving gel with mallow and nettle extracts. It Makes a light foam that lets the razor move gently on your skin to prevent reddening or irritation. Perfect for all skin types and the best part of it is alcohol free so it wont dry out your skin It is Cool , moisturizing and prevents irritation.

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Antioxidant Mens’ Aftershave Cream by Biofficina

Antioxidant Mens' Aftershave Cream

Looking for a quality Shaving Cream with more Benefits for your skin?

This Aftershave cream by Biofficina has an excellent moisturizing and soothing after-shave effect.With combinations of antioxidant Uviox®-Oleox® ,organic olive oil and extract of organic milk thistle. This too is alcohol free and wont over dry out the skin.

Listed below are some of the reviews we received from customers using this product from South Africa and abroad.

”I love this shaving gel ! I love the fact that it is transparent, so you understand well where you have to shave … ”

”I have  skin that reddens after every shave, revealing those annoying red dots. With this gel I finally solved my problem. The skin is very soft, the blade flows easily and the product is soothing on the skin”

”I purchased for my son who shaves his head every day. He liked it a lot.Normally he uses only a little soap because he does not like  products that make too much foam. With this product there are no visibility problems, it also allows the blade to glide and the skin is less irritated”

”I usually use it to shave around the beard and especially in the neck area. In combination with hot water it is certainly an excellent substitute for the classic foam”

”I gave it to my father and he called it the best product he ever tried.My dad  has oily skin that irritates very easily and  together with his very curly hairs that tend to  create pimples.He has defined this product as “luxurious” and of excellent quality .He did say that as soon as it will finish it will re-buy it again”

”Very little is enough for a good shave’.A little goes a long way”

”I bought it for my boyfriend with many reservations (it is not easy to propose a natural product to those who have always used classic shaving gel from the supermarket) and instead after the first moment of hesitation he loved it! With the classic gel always had  redness and dry skin later.This gel instead gives a soft and smooth skin like that of a baby … Zero redness and excellent hydration! My boyfriend said he will buy it again without question! He also tried it for hair removal of the armpits and found it very good and delicate for those areas! ”

”It takes just a little to create a light froth and the razor does its job in one go, leaving the skin fresh, clean and no longer irritated! ”

”You only need a little and it lasts you a long time. Post-shave irritations reduced to a minimum. The skin does not pull and does not dry out after”

””Galactic!”This is what my husband exclaimed after shaving and he has a very sensitive skin.”

There you have it smooth skin days for a long time!

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