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Mothers Day Gifts 2019 Best Baking Gadgets to Wine,Spirits and Cocktail Gadgets & More…

Mother’s Day is around the corner and finally theres is a gift for every kind of mum at

Gone are the days where one has to repeat that same old gifting process every year.Slippers nah,boring old nail polish nah,Lunch and a movie nah.

At Pozie we strive to get the next best Gadgets so now your mum will have the coolest and latest of technology in the palm of here hands.

This Mothers Day you can take 25% off all Baking Gadgets and Wine,and Cocktail Gadgets

Why not get mum the latest Baking Gadgets

Baker Fundi Gift Box Collection-Premium (5pcs)

This gift set contains

Dessert Fundi Gift Box Collection-Premium (5pcs)

This gift set contains


We even have mums that love a good glass of wine.Finally there are gifts to please even those mums and boy are we glad we have variety.

Beverage Fundi Gift Box Collection (2pcs)

This gift set contains
1 x Water Cooler Stick
1x Wine Cooler Stick

All these items and more are also sold separately if you would like to buy them separately and choose your own to gift.

We wish all our customers and their mums a wonderful Mother’s Day


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