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Biofficina Toscana – Antioxidant Mens’ Aftershave Cream – 50ml

R 352.00
This Aftershave cream has an excellent moisturizing and soothing after-shave effect.With combinations of antioxidant Uviox®-Oleox® ,organic olive oil and extract of organic milk thistle. Alcohol free. Suggested use: apply a small amount on your face mornings and evenings, or after shaving Emulsion for men. Alcohol free. FRAGRANCE: Slightly spicy notes (from essential oils). ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Extracts of organic milk thistle, mallow, nettle; Uviox® and Oleox® (bioliquefaction of red grape skins - bioliquefaction of olive vegetation waters); organic olive oil; vitamin E. Made in Italy

Biofficina Toscana – Eye Contour Anti-Aging Treatment – 15ml

R 399.00
A specific treatment for the eye contour area with high quality, organic Tuscan sea buckthorn oil and targeted extracts. With organic Tuscan sea buckthorn oil. FRAGRANCE: Sweet fruity notes (from an essence conforming to AIAB standards). ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Organic sea buckthorn oil; squalane; carnauba wax; castor oil; extract of oat, calendula, cornflower, alfalfa, melissa and rosa canina; vitamin E. Made in Italy

Biofficina Toscana – Pomegranate Body Scrub – Body Cream – 200g

R 499.00
It gently and efficiently exfoliates due to the combined action of the various grain sizes. Its oils and butters nourish the skin, while the Tuscan organic pomegranate juice revitalizes it with its anti-oxidant properties.Exfoliating and cleansing action. FRAGRANCE: Fresh and delicate fruity notes (from an essence conforming to AIAB standards). ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Sugars, sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, organic pomegranate granules, organic oils of sesame and olive; beeswax, castor oil, shea butter, pomegranate juice, plant-based surfactants, vitamin E. Made in Italy

Casa di Cincanra – Ivory Bone Shell Earrings

R 175.00
Africa meets Milan.An African inspired look with the architectural elements of italian design.Inspired by Geometric shapes with a modern twist Make sure you are rocking these while on trend These measure 8cm in length Handmade item by Casa Di Cincanra Material: Gold plated,  shell, gold plated pins Closure: hook with plastic backing, Style: Boho & hippie & African Location: Earlobe

EPPICOTISPAI – FURBO – Space Saving Pot Lid

R 289.00R 999.00
Have you bought Pots and Pans without lids?Does your current selection of pots take too much space in your kitchen cupboard?Do you travel and  are looking for ways to save space but still want to take those pots along on that road trip? We have just the thing Introducing Space Saving Pot lids. It will solve all your current problems and more.You can even use these lids for pots and pans that was sold without a lid Select from the drop down menu your pot lid size or choose the whole set of 3 that covers 3 pot sizes Small : Ø14cm - Ø16cm -Ø18cm Medium : Ø20cm - Ø22cm - Ø24cm Large : Ø26cm - Ø28cm - Ø30cm In the dishwasher the pot lids takes only the  space as one plate Made in Italy

EPPICOTISPAI – Pack of 12 Stainless Steel Skewers 25 cm

R 235.00
This skewers are great for meat,chicken,vegetables and fruit dishes. Pack of 12 Stainless Steel Skewers 25 cm Made in Italy

GENIETTI – 2 in 1 Pizza Cutter and Server Tong

R 429.00
Are you looking for the latest cutting and serving tool?An amazing 2 in 1 tool that is a rotary cutter and server.
The best pizza cutter on the market and only available at Pozie. Ideal  for cutting and serving slices of pizza, cake, quiches.
Italian Design Body 100% Stainless Steel and Wheel in PP Nickel Free Dishwasher safe

GENIETTI – Cake Divider

R 245.00
Did you ever cut too large slices of cake only to realize in the end  that your last guests  was going to get the tiniest noticeable slice? NO MORE GOING CRAZY!! The people who understand this issue are the ones cutting and serving cake! Problem solved introducing the Cake divider a quick and easy way to cut equal portions of cake. Insert the disc on the center of the cake and cut where the marked  number corresponding to the number of slices you want. Usable from both sides: one side to make an even number of portions and the other, odd.  Also suitable  for pizza and omelettes. Italian Design 100% Stainless Steel Nickel Free Dishwasher safe

GENIETTI – Egg Yolk Separator

R 169.00
Are you tired of using several dishes and bowls just to sepearte egg yolks from whites? We have a solution Introducing Egg Yolk separator An essential, professional kitchen tool for separating egg yolks from whites quickly , cleanly and easily. Saves you loads of time washing up. Italian Design 100% Stainless steel Nickel Free Dishwasher safe

GENIETTI – Fish scaler

R 189.00
Do you love eating fish but dont like the fun of cleaning the fish? We have just the thing that can help you. Introducing Fish Scaler Safe and easy to use: Hold it like a hairbrush and skim on the fish in one direction until all the scales are removed. Fish scaler in Stainless steel. Italian Design Italian Design 100% Stainless Steel Nickel Free Dishwasher safe

GENIETTI – Frozen Food Defrost Plate

R 499.00
Forgot to take the frozen chicken , lamb chops,sausages or steak out? Still at work and only have an hour to prepare a meal for the family or yourself?No worries!!!!!!! Introducing Frozen Food  Defrost Plate.Defrosts up to 3x faster than regular thawing. Anodinamic™ Micro Finishing- Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, it focuses ambient heat on the surface of the plate to speed up the thawing process. Advised to place the food on the plate  without its packaging to thaw up to 3 times faster.Avoid passing it under running water or in the microwave, so as to preserve the flavor, reducing the loss of nutritional properties.
  • no microwave required
  • no electricity required
  • keeping the flavor intact
TIP:Freeze your food with baking sheets top and bottom.In this way it is easier to separate for defrosting or laying it on the defrost plate Eg Freeze burger pattys or lamb chops or chicken pieces in separation with a baking paper sheet and within each layer. When time to defrost,remove baking paper.Assemble each one on the defrost plate without the baking paper and watch it defrost at an even faster rate!Avoid freezing your food clumped together to prevent frozen blocks.  

GENIETTI – Wine Cooler Stick

R 399.00
Tired of messy dripping ice buckets? Want to keep your wine chilled but not diluted? Now you can keep your wine cool at the ideal temperature to be tasted. The wine cooler stick refreshes your wine without diluting it from inside the bottle . No more annoying wet surfaces that remains with traditional wine buckets! Put the wine cooler stick about 4 hours in the freezer until the coolant inside  will be completely frozen. Then insert it directly into the bottle of wine you need to refresh or keep cold. The wine cooler can be left inside the bottle because it is equipped with a professional pourer with stopper. The rubber gasket will keep it firmly secured into the neck of the bottle. Safe and hygienic It is recommended to unscrew the cooling stem and put it in the freezer separately from the pourer. 100% Stainless Steel Nickel Free Dishwasher safe