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EPPICOTISPAI – Aluminium Ice Shaver – 16×5 cm Blade

R 364.00

Would you like to become a professional in making ice drinks.?

This shaver will make you feel like a professional in front of your family and friends.A great way to make drinks in your home bar .This is the perfect kitchen tool for  ice treats and drinks. Great for  shaved ice,making  italian granitas and home versions of slushies and daiquiri's.



  • Blade material: 16x5cm
  • Made in Italy

GENIETTI – Cocktail Muddler

R 228.00
Professional bartender muddler. Perfect for preparing various summer long drinks such as caipirinha, mojito and caipiroska. Crushing herbs has never been easier! The Cocktail Pestle is a multi-purpose kitchen tool that adapts to all surfaces and containers. Ideal also as multipurpose pestle to enhance the properties of herbs and aromatic herbs such as garlic, onion, basil, parsley, chives, fennel, thyme, mint, chilli, mustard, paprika, and much more.

GENIETTI – Stainless Steel Cooling Cubes-2 pcs

R 299.00
Just like ice, these stainless-steel cubes will chill your drinks and help keep them cool. Unlike ice it  does not melt or dilute your drink so it is a much better option for whisky, wine, spirits, cocktails, fizzy drinks and juices. Made of stainless-steel, it has no taste or smell and you can use it over and over again. Just pop them in the freezer for at least four hours before popping them into your glass Set 2 pcs inox stainless steel cooling cubes. Italian Design 100% Stainless Steel Dishwasher safe

GENIETTI – Water Cooler Stick

R 399.00
The Water Cooler Stick refreshes an entire jug be it, water, fruit juice or your favorite beverage at room temperature. Put the stick in the freezer for about 4 hours .When the coolant inside will be completely frozen, place it into the jug. It easily adapts to most Commercial jugs. Safe and hygienic Italian Design 100% Stainless Steel Nickel Free Dishwasher safe

GENIETTI – Wine Cooler Stick

R 399.00
Tired of messy dripping ice buckets? Want to keep your wine chilled but not diluted? Now you can keep your wine cool at the ideal temperature to be tasted. The wine cooler stick refreshes your wine without diluting it from inside the bottle . No more annoying wet surfaces that remains with traditional wine buckets! Put the wine cooler stick about 4 hours in the freezer until the coolant inside  will be completely frozen. Then insert it directly into the bottle of wine you need to refresh or keep cold. The wine cooler can be left inside the bottle because it is equipped with a professional pourer with stopper. The rubber gasket will keep it firmly secured into the neck of the bottle. Safe and hygienic It is recommended to unscrew the cooling stem and put it in the freezer separately from the pourer. 100% Stainless Steel Nickel Free Dishwasher safe