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Biofficina Toscana – Nourishing and protective hand cream – Hand Cream – 75ml

R 279.00
This cream was made for dry, chapped hands, stressed by the elements. It moisturizes, soothes and protects the hands, leaving a pleasant, lingering warm, woody fragrance With organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and organic Tuscan honey FRAGRANCE: Warm woody notes of petitgrain (from essential oils and an essence conforming to AIAB standards). ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Organic propolis; organic honey; organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil; squalane; organic extracts of yarrow, calendula, hawthorn; vitamin E. Made in Italy

La Saponaria – Hand Cream with Mint and Lemon

R 167.00
With essential oils from mint and Sicilian lemons, it provides freshness and energy to your skin when your hands are tired from work. It contains lemon essential oil to protect the capillaries, aloe vera to help ease skin irritations, extra virgin olive and argan oil to nourish the skin. The fresh hand emulsion with essential oils of mint and lemon gives a burst of energy to tired skin. It has a compact consistency but absorbs quickly, leaving no traces of grease. It is a handmade product with organic ingredients:
  • Sicilian lemons essential oil : an excellent natural remedy to protect the capillaries, to even out the complexion of the skin and to lighten the brown spots
  • Aloe vera: useful for soothing redness and irritation
  • Extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and argan oil: extra nutrients.
Contains no harmful ingredients for health and the environment, has an excellent scent of mint and lemon , which remains on the skin for some time.
Type of skin: Demanding, Irritated, Dry
Size: 60ml Made in Italy