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EPPICOTISPAI – Aluminium Ice Shaver – 16×5 cm Blade

R 364.00

Would you like to become a professional in making ice drinks.?

This shaver will make you feel like a professional in front of your family and friends.A great way to make drinks in your home bar .This is the perfect kitchen tool for  ice treats and drinks. Great for  shaved ice,making  italian granitas and home versions of slushies and daiquiri's.



  • Blade material: 16x5cm
  • Made in Italy

EPPICOTISPAI – Aluminium Mussels Opener and Knife

R 399.00
The perfect tool for South African cooks and chefs .This handy tool helps you open mussels cleanly for yourself  or guests. It is extremely helpful  when making large italian seafood dishes at home. To use: Place the closed mussel into the crescent shaped section and use the bladed section to separate and cut into the shell. Made in Italy

EPPICOTISPAI – Cake Server with Automatic Ejector

R 325.00
  • Cake Server with Automatic Ejector.
  • This gadget serves cakes and tarts with ease using this automatic cake server.
  • Cut your cake with the serrated side of the cake server. Slide the server under the cut piece and then squeeze the handle to eject the cake onto the plate.
Stainless-steel Made in Italy

EPPICOTISPAI – FURBO – Space Saving Pot Lid

R 289.00R 999.00
Have you bought Pots and Pans without lids?Does your current selection of pots take too much space in your kitchen cupboard?Do you travel and  are looking for ways to save space but still want to take those pots along on that road trip? We have just the thing Introducing Space Saving Pot lids. It will solve all your current problems and more.You can even use these lids for pots and pans that was sold without a lid Select from the drop down menu your pot lid size or choose the whole set of 3 that covers 3 pot sizes Small : Ø14cm - Ø16cm -Ø18cm Medium : Ø20cm - Ø22cm - Ø24cm Large : Ø26cm - Ø28cm - Ø30cm In the dishwasher the pot lids takes only the  space as one plate Made in Italy

EPPICOTISPAI – Pack of 12 Stainless Steel Skewers 25 cm

R 235.00
This skewers are great for meat,chicken,vegetables and fruit dishes. Pack of 12 Stainless Steel Skewers 25 cm Made in Italy

EPPICOTISPAI – Pack of 12 Stainless Steel Skewers 35 cm

R 272.00
This skewers are great for meat,chicken,vegetables and fruit dishes. Pack of 12 Stainless Steel Skewers 35 cm Made in Italy

EPPICOTISPAI – Universal sink strainer Ø 8 cm

R 69.00
Is your sink still getting clogged with debris? This sink strainer helps prevent the clogging of paper, food particles, fabric and other objects into the the kitchen sink and bathroom sink. Universal sink strainer Ø8 cm. Made in Italy

GENIETTI – 2 in 1 Pizza Cutter and Server Tong

R 429.00
Are you looking for the latest cutting and serving tool?An amazing 2 in 1 tool that is a rotary cutter and server.
The best pizza cutter on the market and only available at Pozie. Ideal  for cutting and serving slices of pizza, cake, quiches.
Italian Design Body 100% Stainless Steel and Wheel in PP Nickel Free Dishwasher safe

GENIETTI – Cake Divider

R 245.00
Did you ever cut too large slices of cake only to realize in the end  that your last guests  was going to get the tiniest noticeable slice? NO MORE GOING CRAZY!! The people who understand this issue are the ones cutting and serving cake! Problem solved introducing the Cake divider a quick and easy way to cut equal portions of cake. Insert the disc on the center of the cake and cut where the marked  number corresponding to the number of slices you want. Usable from both sides: one side to make an even number of portions and the other, odd.  Also suitable  for pizza and omelettes. Italian Design 100% Stainless Steel Nickel Free Dishwasher safe

GENIETTI – Can and Jar Colander Strainer

R 146.00
Do you struggle to drain peas,pickles and olives with their brine in a can or Jar? Draining cans and Jars has never been easier now ! Now with can colander you can just drain beans,  or any veggies can in general. It is great  for whole tomato cans too! Easy to use and a space saver in any of your kitchen drawers. The small holes ensure a proper can or Jar draining. It keeps the food in and it lets the liquid out and how it should be Italian Design 100% Stainless steel Nickel free Dishwasher safe Nickel Free

GENIETTI – Chef Brush

R 146.00
Are you tired of using a spoon to drizzle liquids and marinate food? This brush  is ideal for baking or cooking .It helps to spread oil,butter, sauce on grilled meat or fish, to spread  milk or egg yolk on baked foods and pies.An exceptional handy tool in the kitchen and easy to clean with its silicone brushes Italian Design Body 100% Stainless Steel and silicone at the end Nickel Free Dishwasher safe

GENIETTI – Cocktail Muddler

R 228.00
Professional bartender muddler. Perfect for preparing various summer long drinks such as caipirinha, mojito and caipiroska. Crushing herbs has never been easier! The Cocktail Pestle is a multi-purpose kitchen tool that adapts to all surfaces and containers. Ideal also as multipurpose pestle to enhance the properties of herbs and aromatic herbs such as garlic, onion, basil, parsley, chives, fennel, thyme, mint, chilli, mustard, paprika, and much more.