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La Saponaria – “Peace & No Smell” Organic Men’s Deodorant

R 229.00 R 114.50
This deodorant for men is very mild and cares for the skin with the help of hemp oil. Sage and lemon effectively protect against unpleasant odours. A fresh and clear scent that does not irritate the skin. The "Peace & no smell" deodorant for men from La Saponaria is a delicate product that does not irritate and blocks the development of bacteria that cause bad odors. Contains hemp , sage and lemon and does not contain aluminum, alcohol or antiperspirants Size: 100ml Made in Italy

La Saponaria – Let it Shine-Men’s Organic Shower and Shampoo

R 239.00 R 119.50
This handmade shampoo and shower gel contains fresh, healthy and natural ingredients such as sea salt, sage and essential oils active  to the senses , linseed extract to add brilliance to the strands, and hemp oil  to supply the skin with moisture and improves its elasticity. The "Let it shine" shower shampoo from La Saponaria is an artisanal detergent, rich in natural, sustainable and organic ingredients. Ideal for everyday use and after sport, it is a product designed specifically for men's needs The formula is very rich but still ideal for frequent use. Size: 200ml Made in Italy

La Saponaria – Organic Intimate Wash

R 279.00 R 139.50
It gently cleanses and maintains the pH level and the natural bacterial flora of  delicate and initmate areas. With calendula (soothing), lactic acid (balancing), aloe vera juice (which helps to prevent irritations) and burdock (rich in inulin, a natural antibacterial agent).
  • It does not contain petrochemical substances, silicones and synthetic perfumes
  • Respect the natural balance of intimate areas
  • Ph 4.5
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, even for children
  • Natural antibacterial effect
  • Helps to combat the formation of bad smells
  • Gelatinous consistency
Size: 250ml Made in Italy

La Saponaria – Rainbow Organic After Shave Fluid

R 479.00 R 239.50
The pleasantly lightweight texture is made from purely natural active ingredients that soothe and refresh the skin: olive oil and bisabolol soften the skin and soothe irritations. The product is rapidly absorbed by the skin and leaves  pleasantly  feeling skin. Various active ingredients combine to counteract the signs of aging. Size: 50ml Made in Italy

La Saponaria – Sunflower and Sweet Orange Shampoo – Dry Hair

R 279.00 R 139.50
Organic shampoo with flaxseeds for dry and chemically treated hair. A concentrate of natural ingredients to restore the moisture and shine to dry and chemically treated hair. Free of petrochemical ingredients, this shampoo contains organic extracts of flaxseed, moringa and sunflower seeds, which evoke the scents of Sicily and nature. Size: 200ml Made in Italy